About Dr. Niespodziany

Dr. Jeff Niespodziany, DPM
Foot and Ankle Surgeon and partner at the South Bend Clinic in South Bend and Granger, Indiana
14950 SR 23, Granger, IN 46530  |  ph: 574.259.9668
211 N. Eddy St., South Bend, IN 46617

Undergraduate at Manchester College – North Manchester, Indiana
Graduate at Scholl College – Chicago, Illinois
Residency at Northwest General Hospital – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

American Board of Podiatric Medicine

Dr. Jeff Niespodziany has been in practice in the South Bend area since 1986. He is the member of the teacher faculty of the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center Podiatric Surgical Residency Program. He specializes in all foot and ankle surgeries. He is an avid runner and treats many athletes.

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